Phantasy Con Postponed to Oct 8-10 2021

We started planning Phantasy Con well before the world even knew of Covid19. We wanted to put together a show that is one we would love to attend and play at. We still do and are still planning on it. However we will be waiting another year to do so.

A number of conventions that have been impacted by the pandemic have postponed their dates to later this year. We are beginning to see more overlap around us including Origins, the nations largest board game convention with something like 30,000+ attendees each year moving to the date we had scheduled. We feel trying to split the attention with all the established cons that postponed and ourselves would do us no justice and be a disservice to you as a fan. After talking with the rest of the staff we decided our best move would to be to postpone our inaugural year.

Yes we are sad about this decision, but there are some positives to look towards with this. We were already to going to have a hell of a first year. Now we have an addition 12 months to plan and plot. Imagine what we will do NEXT year. More Celebs? Most likely. More games? Oh yeah! More cosplay? hmm let me think…..YES! We will be able to do MORE with an additional year of planning.

So sit back. Start your cosplay planning now. Start thinking about your games. Phantasy Con will be Oct 8th-10th, 2021 and we are going to be AMAZING.

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