Argent Saga Tournament

Join us on Oct 11th at Phantasy Con 2020 as we host a Argent Saga TCG tournament. Lots of promos to be given out and Cash Prizes as well.

Cost $15 (note you do need to have a pass to Phantasy Con to be able to play as well)

Cut to top 8 after X rounds of swiss (based on total attendance)
If over 64 players we will move Top 8 to Sunday Morning

Registration opens 9:00 AM
Players Meeting 10:00 AM

More prizes will be added as we get closer to the event.

Prize Support
1st $400
2nd $200
3rd-4th $100
5th- 8th $50

If we have 64 or more players the payout will increase to
1st $600
2nd $300
3rd-4th $150
5th- 8th $100
9th – 16th $50

We will also have Side events for Argent Saga and other games as well.

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